Student party Stimulus are the student representatives that take place in the Advisory Council of the TSB. TSB is the social faculty of Tilburg University. Our student party identifies itself with keywords such as: critical, involved, active, empowerment and education. Stimulus ensures that students have a voice concerning policies pursued by the faculty. Stimulus is involved in cases such as: the introduction of international Bachelors, intensification of education, internalization and much more. Stimulus is committed to students’ interests and wants to ensure that you can do what you find most important. Additionally Stimulus ensures that students can be active alongside their studies. For example, through committee work in a student association, studying abroad or to follow additional courses. We, as Stimulus, are committed to the quality of education. We take the opinions of students very serious about course content and implementation. Also we can be of significance for study associations, for example in ambiguities or problems with financial or material arrangements of the faculty and education related issues (such as exam exceptions).