Empowering your Education

Our mission

To represent TSB students, so that they can fully develop themselves within and outside their studies”


we execute our mission by: connecting people in meaningful ways, let people excel by providing support, enhancing transparency and guarding and improving the quality of education. 



Who are we

From Top left to right: Jordi Heesters (Vice Chairman), Ruben Ramaekers (Contact ECs and Study Associations), Devin Lemmens (Contact with UF and the Faculty Form),

From bottom left to right: Jennifer Akkerman (Promotion), Thomas Winters (Chairman), Amber van Dijk (Salis and international Advisory Group)


We will be the representatives of TSB students in 2019/2020 and are happy to hear your opinion, either positive of negative!

You want to know more about who we are and where we stand for? Click on the link in the heading and find out what our visions are for the upcoming academic year!

What do we do

“Connecting people in meaningful ways”

We are connecting people by hosting the Faculty Forum where all study associations and parties of TSB bend over important issues regarding students. Next to that, we value partnerships such as TSB Platform, University forum, Election Committees and Education Committees to strengthen each other. To better represent the TSB students we bond with other student representative parties, like SAM, Front and Active TSB. Besides all these connections we host the international advisory group to really get to know what is meaningful for international students and what can be done to fulfill their needs. At last, we organize biyearly drinks to get to know the study associations and parties of TsB better, which makes the collaboration going more smoothly.  

“Let people excel by providing support”

We think it is very important that students can excel themselves. To make sure that they can, we provide support. One of the main things we do is discuss, give advice and improve documents from the School Council. These documents influence how education is organised for students. Furthermore, we provide faculty wide input towards associations within TSB. We also think it is very important to support the international students. To do so, we are creating a manual on housing, studying and living in the Netherlands. Finally, if students have faculty related questions, they can come to us, and we will answer their questions.


“Enhancing transparency”

Communication is key to stay informed and to keep you informed. We proactively seek the opinion of the TSB students through our social media channels by asking about their opinions on certain topics. Furthermore, we also listen to other things students have on their minds, act upon it and give back the results. At last, we keep the students updated about what is discussed in the School Council. 


“Guarding and improving the quality of education”

Quality of education has always been and will always be one of the most important points of the School Council. We collaborate with the education committees to preserve and improve the quality of education, for example by reviewing the course evaluations of the students. Besides that, we are also trying to improve the labour market relevance of courses, so that students are better prepared for their future jobs. Our biggest impact on the quality of education is during the School Council when we ask critical questions about education to the Management team. Topics discussed are for example the Annual Plan, Budget, Quality Agreement and Language Consistency.



The Faculty Council

Stimulus is the oldest student fraction of the School Council of Tilburg University's School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.  The board of the faculty consists of: prof.dr L Meijdam (interim Dean), prof.dr. J. Vermunt (Vice-Dean Research), dr. S. Breugelmans (Vice-Dean Education), drs. J.G.H.M. van Liempd (Managing Director), J. Walboomers (Student Assessor) and D. Rijnen (Secretary).

Every year seven students from TSB are chosen to represent the students of all TSB programs in the faculty council. This year there are two student parties in the council. Student Party Stimulus and Active TSB. We work closely together with Active TSB to represent the TSB students as adequately as possible. Hand in hand with seven representatives of school staff the School Council of TSB is formed.

In cooperation with the University student parties, study associations as well as the education committee we represent the students of Tilburg University.