Empowering your Education

Our vision


For Fractie Stimulus qualitative high education and research are the most valued goals for TSB. Through exchange of ideas between the students, teachers, researchers and supporting staff an even better teaching and working environment can be stimulated. 

Who we are

From Top left to right: Jordi Heesters (Vice Chairman), Ruben Ramaekers (Contact ECs and Study Associations), Devin Lemmens (Contact with UF and the Faculty Form),

From bottom left to right: Jennifer Akkerman (Promotion), Thomas Winters (Chairman), Amber van Dijk (Salis and international Advisory Group)


We will be the representatives of TSB students in 2019/2020 and are happy to hear your opinion, either positive of negative!

You want to know more about who we are and where we stand for? Click on the link in the heading and find out what our visions are for the upcoming academic year!

What we do

Student Party Stimulus is the student fraction of the faculty council of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB). We take a critical look at the state of affairs within the faculty and defend the interests of the TSB student. To do so we come together once a month with the supporting staff, teachers, the management team and researcher of TSB to discuss urgent matters and problems that might occur. 


In addition, Student Party Stimulus actively tries to reach the students of TSB to find out which things they find important or would like to see improved. The students' opinion about the content and implementation of courses is taken seriously and will be taken into account when we give consent to new initiatives or give advise on policies and new regulations. 


Besides, Stimulus monitors the quality of education. The content of seminars is evaluated and the way in which, for example, the MTO practicals can be organized as effectively as possible, is considered. Stimulus also encourages students to develop themselves alongside their studies, for example by being active at an association, going on an exchange or taking extra courses. Freedom of choice within the study plays an important role in this.

The Faculty Council

Fractie Stimulus is the School Council of Tilburg University's School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The board of the faculty consists of: prof.dr.ir. J. Schuit (Dean), prof.dr. J. Vermunt (Vice-Dean Research), dr. S. Breugelmans (Vice-Dean Education), drs. J.G.H.M. van Liempd (Managing Director), Y. Spapens (Student Assessor) and M.A.P.M. Vermee (Secretary). 

Every year seven students from TSB are chosen to represent the students of all TSB programs in Student Party Stimulus. this year a co-party called Dynamic Minds has been established. This one-man party was founded by Elena Sofia Silva with whom we work closely together to represent the TSB students as adequately as possible. Hand in hand with seven representatives of school staff the School Council of TSB is formed. 

In cooperation with the University student parties, study associations as well as the education committee we represent the students of Tilburg University.