Stimulus Board 2021-2022

We proudly announce the board of Student Party Stimulus 2021/2022. Here you can read all about our members visions and ideas for the coming year. Do you want to know more about what the individual functions entail? Then read further under the topic "WHAT WE DO".

Taylan Mete




My name is Taylan Mete, I am the chairman of Student Party Stimulus. I’m 24 years old and was born and raised in Tilburg. I studied business administration in Breda and as of today I am a third year Psychology student. In my free time competition boxer and a motorcycle enthusiast. As a member of the faculty council, I solemnly believe in increasing the voice of the international students within the faculty. The university is expanding and has great plans towards internationalization. I strive to aid the school herein by forming the voice of all TSB students. I cannot do this by myself. I am very fortunate to be accompanied by a board of likeminded members, each with the ambition to represent every student. This is not everyone I rely on, because I also rely on the student. Allow us to be your voice, contact us and we will go to great length for you to achieve whatever is necessary.

Maxine Große

Internationalization & IT



I am Maxine Grosse, and I am the chairman of International Advisory Group, and I am a member of the Student Advisory Board of Library and IT Services. I am an 19-year-old second-year psychology student from Germany. Despite being a native German I have been fortunate to being a part of many diverse cultures since I have lived in many different countries. This has allowed me to be fully comprehend what it means to be International. Therefore, I am looking forward to representing other international students. Furthermore, I would want to ensure that the quality of education is upheld for every student at Tilburg University. 


Besides my study and dedication to STIMULUS I enjoy playing soccer and joining Pilates courses. Through being active outside of my studies, I hope to grow as a person and achieve things for not only myself, but also my fellow students.


Henryetta Paleit




I am Henryetta Paleit, 20 years old and currently a second-year psychology student with a specialization in Economic Psychology. I will be managing all social media related promotion of relevant activities, events and information. As one of my main personal goals includes creating more transparency in the communication between the university and students the board function of PR-Manager seemed the most fit for me. 

Another of my personal goals is to improve the integration of international students both on an educational as well as cultural level since I’m an international student from Germany myself and I am familiar with the challenges that come along with it.

Next to my studies and part-time board year at Stimulus I play field hockey at T.S.H.V. and I enjoy working as a barkeeper when I’m home in Germany during the summers.

I am looking forward to a year full with communication and cooperation at Stimulus!

Merel van Olphen

Vice Chairwomen



My name is Merel van Olphen, the vice-chairman of the board. About myself: I am 19 years old and currently studying the major developmental psychology in my third year. What I really want to accomplish this year, is to improve the mental health of all students as much as possible. Besides that, I want to achieve keeping the hybrid education. That way students can schedule their own time even more and unfold themselves even more outside their studies. 

Besides studying, I’m an active member at study association Complex and also in a board of a sailing club in my hometown. I work at several high schools in Tilburg to support learning skill projects. 

I am looking forward to representing you this year!

Ilayda Siner

Educational Resources



I'm Ilayda Siner, a third year psychology bachelor's student at Tilburg University. I am a board member of the gymnastics association of TSTV Saltare, and work as an international student recruiter at Tilburg University. My passions in life include health in every way, be it fitness, nutrition or mental health, I find that it is my calling to help myself and others be the healthiest version of themselves. As I have been an international student for most of my academic life, I resonate with the issues that international students face deeply. My goal is to be able to further integrate and include internationals in the university life, culture, and events. Furthermore I want to establish more help and preperation for international students with regards to navigating the Dutch and International job market, as many events regarding this are still being held in Dutch. Finally, a great point of focus for me is the mental health of students. During this time of collective trauma, we all need support more than ever. There has to be a stronger focus on having more resources and accommodations regarding mental health issues amongst all students. I want to bring the change that you want to see!

Fleur Koops

External Relations 

Human Resource Studies


My name is Fleur Koops, 20 years old and a third-year student of Personeelwetenschappen (Human Resourse Studies). Besides studying, I like to travel, to try new recipes in the kitchen and going out with my friends. In this board, I am responsible for the external relations. This year I will take part in University Forum meetings. Besides that, I am the chair of the Faculty Forum TSB. The Forum’s main goal is to stimulate the exchange of information between all levels of participation on particular topics. My personal focus this year is the mental health of all TSB students. I am really looking forward to represent you in the school council and I want to make sure that every students voice is taken into account.