Our work within TSB

Student Party Stimulus is part of the School Council of the Faculty of Social Behavior and Sciences. Together with the staff and the executive board we gather for a monthly meeting. During these meetings we discuss the functioning of our faculty, new changes are submitted and existing programs are reviewed. We take a critical look at all arising issues to improve the education programs for all students of TSB.

What kind of issues do we discuss? For example: the Strategic Plan for the faculty, budget estimates of the faculty, new education programs, the revision of existing programs as well as the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

Our focus lies mainly on faculty affairs, but we also value our collaboration with the boards and councils of the university. One of our board members collaborates with the Faculty's Education Committees. This way we stay up to date about the functiong of every undergraduate and graduate program TSB provides. Via the TSB platform we keep in touch with study associations of every program in order to stay acquainted with the concerns of the students. Furthermore, we consult and discuss several topics with the University Council parties Front and SAM, to keep up with issues concerning Tilburg University.

Do you want to give your input on the functioning of the faculty, your particular study program, or do you have any other question? Please contact us, we are more than glad to help you out. You can also visit us in our office in room T610! 


Student Party Stimulus

Room: T610
Warandelaan 2


Mail: fractiestimulus@tilburguniversity.edu