School Council Stimulus: Get in touch with us if you have questions of feedback that concern matters within TSB, e.g. things that influence your studies.

You can find our Feedback Form here.


Management Team TSB: We meet monthly with the Management Team to give the Feedback we get from you and evaluate new initiatives made within TSB, e.g. changes to study programs, Budget Plans and Workloads. 


SALIS: Is the Students Advisory Library ICT Services. It consists of 15 members including students from each faculty and university councils as well as management of the University library. They meet once a month to develop and improve ICT and other study related services on campus e.g. Wi-Fi, the free study spaces / free computers system, other IT Services or the microwaves on campus.

Let us know if you have any tips on how to improve the Library or any other IT services!


Education Committee: The Education Committee consists of students of each study program within TSB. They evaluate their studies and ask their fellow students to give them input about what could be improved. They are in touch with the Management Team and let them know which specific problems occur in their study. You have complaints about an exam? Some feedback on your courses? Then contact us and we forward the feedback to the Education Committee.


International Advisory Group: The International Advisory Group consists of students of every English study program offered within TSB. They give us feedback they gather especially from the International students and help us to further integrate and improve the International students’ interests. 


Study Associations of the TSB programs: Not only do the study associations provide further study focused events like lecture talks and summaries but also plan fun activities to bond with other students. The study associations forward us concerns that they get from you. Idea is taking a major place in this section as it is implemented as the Study Association of all studies to creative a closer feeling of connectedness within TSB. Idea is going to introduce events like study lectures that combine the interests of students of all studies as well as fun activities for all studies together.

For all TSB Students - check out IDEA here.

For Psychology Students - COMPLEX here.

For HRS Students - INPUT here.

For GMSI Students - POLIS here.

For Sociology Students - VERSOT here.


University Council: The University Council consists of students elected to Fractie Front and Fractie SAM of any study program at our university. Together with the Executive Board they make decisions that have effects university wide, e.g. if a new building is needed or if more computers have to be bought for the library.

If you have good input that is a University wide concern or a great idea you want University to know about then contact Fractie Front and Fractie SAM.