Stimulus Board 2020-2021

We p.roudly announce the board of Student Party Stimulus 2020/2021. Since we would like to hear your opinion, it seems appropriate to introduce ourselves as well as our visions and ideas for the coming year. Do you want to know more about what the individual functions entail? Then read further under the topic "what we do" and click "functions"

Thomas winters




My name is Thomas Winters and I am 21 years old. I studied sociology for two years, but now I am starting my bachelor Personeelswetenschappen (Human Resource Studies). Last year I did a board year at Versot (study association Sociology). Next year I will take place in the TsB School Council as chairman of Stimulus. 

I think it is important to do extra curriculair activities beside studying. This way you gain experiences and qualities you can not learn from books and lectures. 

From my own experience as an active student I want to provide the possibility of doing more next to your study for everyone.

However, I will represent the non-active students as well, with more digitalization for example. This way students that live at their hometown, don't have to come to uni that often. 

I've experienced the problems a TsB student can face and I want to do something about it. 


I am going to do my best to respresent all our TsB students and to serve the faculty. Hope to see you around! 

If you have questions or struggling with something regarding education or anything else at TsB, ask me or one of my fellow board members!

Jordi Heesters




My name is Jordi Heesters, a 24 years old psychology student. After finishing the study HRM at Avans I am currently studying Work and Organizational Psychology. Besides my study I love to fulfill an active role at Study Association Complex and play some squash once in a while. And next year I have the honour to represent the students in the school council. As vice-chair I will carry out this formal role by being at the agenda meeting of the school council, chair the preliminary meeting and have close contact with the student assessor and the chair of the school council. Furthermore, I will take over the chairs duties when he is absent. I have joined Stimulus because of my personal values; for me it is important that people can be themselves and that they can take care of their personal development. Therefore, I want to listen to your initiatives, act upon them and give back the results. Themes like labour market preparation and opportunities for students to develop themselves beside their regular curriculum are of high importance for me.


Make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for our updates. And if you have any idea of what can be improved you can always send me a facebook message to have a little chat. Looking forward to hear from you!

Amber van Dijk

Salis and International Advisory Group



My name is Amber van Dijk, 20 years old and currently in my second year of Personeelwetenschappen. This year I have the honor to represent all TSB students in faculty council! During my study time I have noticed some things at our faculty that were not going very well, so I would like to dedicate myself to improve the education. Within Stimulus I’ll be responsible for SALIS and managing the International Advisory Group. SALIS concerns itself with all things related to the library and IT on the University. The IAG strives to give international students a place to help them improve their programs and ask questions.

Furthermore, I would like to dedicate myself to the mental health of students. I think it is important that every student feels good during their student time! I want to make sure that our faculty provides good mental health support systems for students. They need to know where and who they can turn to, when their mental health is suffering. 

I’m really looking forward to this year!

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to contact me!


Runen Ramaekers

Contact with EC's and Study Associations



My name is Ruben and I'm 23 years old. I am now in my third year of the study Psychology. I like to go out and I'm a member of study association Complex as well. Hanging out with friends and doing various games or sports is what I like doing as well. I spend the rest of my time watching Netflix or going to random wiki pages if I'm really bored. I am the contact person for the education committees and the study associations within TSB.  I want to improve the communication from us to the students so they can follow what we try to achieve, but I also want to improve the communication from the university to the students. I think these things are more important than ever and it can always become better.


Jennifer Akkerman


Clinical Psychology


I am Jennifer, 21 years old and i currently study the master Clinical Psychology. I have the honor to represent the TSB-students in Stimulus this year and will mainly focus on Promotion and visibility. My main goal this year is to create a clearer picture of what stimulus does and achieved within Stimulus. The aim is to give the Student Council a more familiar face within the faculty so that students at the TSB are more likely to give their input and to think along about improvement! Moreover, it seems innovative to give al kind of students a say in what’s important in their education. I hope to see that, throughout the year, students will become more acquainted with Stimulus and all our responsibilities because of better promotion and visibility. I hope to be able to put an active and friendly image to the students through our various social media channels. Maintaining these platforms and sharing essential news items will be one of my main tasks.

The communication with the students of the TSB faculty as well as within our board is key to make this a successful year!"

Devin Lemmens

Communication with UF and  the Faculty Form



My name is Devin Lemmens. I am 20 years old and a third year psychology student. this year I will fulfill the function Career, Development and Future Perspective within stimulus. Via the university Forum I will exchange information and keep in contact with the other student parties (both University wide as Faculty wide). Adding to that, the parties have chosen me to be the chair bof that meeting.

Stimulus wants a good relationship with both the University Parties. Therefore I will hold meetings with Sam and Front to update them on TSB School Council and ask for their advice.


Thirdly, I am going to bring all organisations relevant to TSB life together in Faculty Forum TSB. This is a new initiative of Student Party Stimulus which is meant to give us more input for the School Council.


This is going to be an interesting year. The coronavirus has made sure that finally every lecture is online. Yet, it has created a lot of challenges surrounding examination and student life. Stimulus will do it's best to monitor the quality of education among other things. Personally, I want to better the pass program, fight for the preservation of Dutch language (in the Dutch program), improve English language skills and more.

Contact us if you have any more ideas! We will make sure that you're heard!