Stimulus Board 2019/2020

We proudly announce the board of Student Party Stimulus 2019/2020. Since we would like to hear your opinion, it seems appropriate to introduce ourselves as well as our visions and ideas for the coming year. Do you want to know more about what the individual functions entail? Then read further under the topic "what we do" and click "functions".

Melinda Balkay 


Global Management of Social Issues

"Hi everybody! My name is Melinda, a 4th year GMSI (Global Management of Social Issues) Bachelor student. I am very proud that I got the opportunity to represent all TSB students in the Faculty Council with my fellow colleagues. In the coming year of 2019/2020, I will be the Chairman of Student Party Stimulus. Therefore, my responsibility is to maintain a good atmosphere within Stimulus, make sure that every member is executing their tasks and more importantly, I am the spokesman to all TSB students. After three years of study, I have experienced occasions, in which students did not receive the necessary support and environment for their studies. I find it very important that every student, both Dutch and International, enjoys his/her study to the fullest. My main goal for this year is to enable, with my colleagues together, circumstances, under which students experience optimal support during their studies. Stimulus strives for close contact with students. Personally, I also find it important that students get heard, when they are facing difficulties. I want to make sure that my actions will reflect my words. I am not listing problems, but rather looking for solutions and I am positive that together we can achieve these goals. Therefore, feel free to contact me anytime or approach me on the campus when you see me. I am open to everyone’s opinion and question and I am happy to help wherever I can!

Best regards! "



Julia Walboomers

Vice Chairwoman


"I am Julia, a 3rd year Psychology student from the Netherlands. I am 21 years old and very excited to represent all TSB students in the Faculty Council next year! In the academic year 2019/2020, I will be the Vice Chairman of Stimulus. This means that I will take over the chair’s duties, when she is absent. Next to that, I will lead preliminary discussions of the School Council, in which we prepare for the School Council meetings. I also am the contact person for the University and the Student Assessor. 

I have always been motivated to make sure other students can make the best of their student lives and thus became an active student in several committees. I’ve experienced the importance of communicating students’ input to relevant parties and want to devote myself to facilitating this. Themes like internationalization, environment aware approachability for students are of great importance to me!

My goal is to bring Stimulus and the School Council more into contact with the students. I think it is important to work together with external parties, such as Study Associations, to collect your feedback! Furthermore, I hope to be able to communicate back, what has been decided in the School Council as a result of this feedback. 

Most importantly, I want to commit myself to helping all TSB students as much as possible. Therefore, if you have any questions, remarks or things I can help you with that regard your education or Tilburg University, feel free to contact me! I’m always happy to help. 

Best regards and see you soon!"


 Carolin Schlosser

Communication with ECs and Study Asscociations


"I am Carolin, 24 years old and from Germany. I am currently in the second year of my bachelor in psychology and look forward to representing you in the Faculty Council of TSB. For the academic year 2019/2020 I am the contact person for the Education Committees and the Study Associations of TSB. Because of the experiences I have made during my first undergraduate studies I realized how important it is to take action in order to ensure a good study environment. This is what I strive to achieve for all TSB students. I want to use my experiences to create a room for enhancement and personal improvement. There are constantly areas which need further development and I will always lend you an ear for complaints, ideas, and suggestions for improvement. My vision is to address important matters that I receive from the study associations and also to maintain the good quality of education we currently have. I want to achieve a better visibility of the education committees which evaluate and fine-tune the studies and their specific programFurthermore, I want to ensure that our study associations have the resources they need to offer the most diversified program next to studying Do you believe that there must be a concrete change, or do you have a clear idea of what could be improved? I'm always ready to get a coffee and talk about things that matter to you!

Do not hesitate to contact me. See you around!"

Nina van den Bosch

Career, Development and Future Perspective


"My name is Nina van den Bosch, I am 23 years old, a third year psychology student. And this year I have the function Career, Development and Future Perspective. My tasks within Student Party Stimulus consist of taking place in University Forum meetings and to collect information from the other student parties (both University wide as Faculty wide). 

Within my position my goal is to have good collaborations with both the University Parties and the University forum. Besides that I also want to use these two collaborations for advice to ensure that Stimulus works as optimally as possible.

One issue I want to discuss is the number of live video lectures that are currently being given, in my opinion they should be increased, so that every student has the opportunity to watch them at home. This decreases the number of students at the University and creates opportunities for students who don’t live in Tilburg. I also think the opinion of students is very important, I want to make an effort to express this opinion as well as possible within the faculty."


Pauline Cabooter

SALIS and International advisory group (IAG)

Master Work and Organizational Psychology

"My name is Pauline Cabooter, 22 years old and currently following the Master Work and Organizational Psychology after finishing my Bachelor in Organisation Studies. This is my fifth year at Tilburg University so I hope my experiences help me represent all students within TSB and make improvements.This year I’ll be responsible for representing Stimulus within SALIS and managing the International Advisory Group. SALIS concerns itself with all things related to the library and IT on the University. The IAG strives to give international students a place to help them improve their programs and ask questions. Last year I took part in a premaster program to make the switch from the Organization Studies Bachelor to the Master Work and

Organizational Psychology. These two programs are different enough that you can’t simply take one after the other. Having gone through this process, I’d like to help other students within TSB who want to make a similar switch be able to do so more smoothly. I find it of the utmost importance that students can make the best choices, have as many choices as possible and are aware of these options. The faculty and university should support this and make the process as simple as possible. This way every student can focus on what’s important to them both inside and outside of their studies and get the most out of their time being a student.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding these two topics feel free to contact me!"













Noor van Loon


Personnel studies/ HRS

"I am Noor, 19 years old and currently in my second year of Personeelwetenschappen. I have the honor to represent the TSB-students in Stimulus this year and will mainly focus on Promotion and visibility. My main goal this year is to create a clearer picture of the activities within Stimulus. The aim is to give the Student Council a more familiar face within the faculty so that students at the TSB are more likely to give their input and to think along about improvement! Moreover, it seems innovative to give students, who initially do not seem to be typical model students, a say in what’s important. I hope to see that, throughout the year, students will become more acquainted with Stimulus and all our responsibilities because of better promotion and visibility. To make sure this will be the case, I'm planning to make a video in which we show TSB-students what the exact activities are that come with a board year at Stimulus. Moreover, I hope to be able to put an active and friendly image to the students through our various social media channels. Maintaining these platforms and sharing essential news items will be one of my main tasks.

In the past I learned that you can make a big difference with a small group as long as you communicate well. The communication with the students of the TSB faculty as well as within our board is key to make this a successful year!"