• preside meetings Student Party Stimulus
  • Being a spokesman and representative
  • Maintain a good atmosphere within Student Party Stimulus
  • control the execution of everyone's task

Vice Chair

  • Preliminary agenda meeting with the Dean and director of faculty
  • Chair preliminary discussion of the school council
  • Contact with student assessor
  • Take over the chair’s duties when he(/she) is absent
  • Coordinator elections


  • Facebook account
  • Instagram account
  • Linkedin account
  • website
  • keep students updated
  • create content for the above mentioned platforms as well as posters, flyers, videos etc.
  • manage mailbox


Opportunities and Resources

  • international Advisory Group (coordinator)
  • SALIS Meetings (Student Advisory Board Library and IT Services) ---> general developments in the field of IT and scientific information supply
  • Drinks twice a year


Career, development and furture perspective

  • Communication with university council
  • contact to SAM and Front
  • Meeting with SAM and Front every month
  • Take part in University Forum meetings
  • head of the planning for "studievoorschotmiddelen"

Education committees and Study Associations

  • Meets with education committees every block
  • Keeps in contact with education committees and study associations
  • Attend meetings of TSB-platform
  • Managing the application process of new student members of the eduction committees