Univers article on the School Council

What will TSB do with the money that has been released with the elimination of the basic grant (basisbeurs)? 

And do students have any say in how the student advance funds(studievoorschotmiddelen) will be spend? 

These questions were raised at yesterday’s School council by Youri Spapens. 


Dutch Univers article: https://universonline.nl/2018/09/19/ook-stimulus-kritisch-besteding-leenstelselmiljoenen


In 2015, the basic grant (basisbeurs) was replaced for the loan system (leenstelsel). The money released as a result, has to be invested by the universities to improve education in the following years. The Hague did not give exact orders in how the money could be spent, but an agreement between the universities and Minister Van Engelshoven was made that students would have some influence.

While discussing the annual plan in the School council of TSB the question was raised whether students were actually involved in the budget plan for the student advance funds (studievoorschotmiddelen).

"Not right away" responded faculty director Hans-Georg van Liempd. Indirectly, students do have a say as the spending plans are based on advice from the education committees.

The faculty wants to improve the existing study programs, prevent unnecessary study delay and improve the professional development of teachers.

Yvette van Osch, the new chairman of the School council supported the criticism: "The annual plan does not clearly describe how the spending of student finance funds contributes to quality improvement."

Hans-Georg van Liempd emphasized that a strict distinction between investment in growth and quality of education cannot be made. He further emphasized that growth is not the main goal: "The ultimate goal is improvement. That is the intention: to improve. "


Nevertheless, the School council agreed with the annual plan but demanded more insight into the exact spending of the student advance funds (studievoorschotmiddelen) and how these investments improve the quality of education.