why a Board Year at STIMULUS?

Are you ready to take the next step within your education? Do you want to represent the TSB students? Or are you looking for a new challenge within Tilburg University? Or do you want to brush up your CV? Become a part-time board member of Stimulus. 

4 reasons why you should do a board year at Stimulus

Reason 1: Perfect balance between being a student and a professional.

During the part-time board year you can still follow all your lectures, just like your friends. In addition to all the theoretical learning from your study, you can also apply your knowledge in practice. This is possible by for example being responsible for your own tasks, helping others out with their activities and by writing policies and proposals together with your fellow board members. All this can be done while drinking coffee together in the board room. It is a fun and insightful experience. Next to that, you will still be able to attend all parties online and offline, because let's be honest... board members are also just students.

Reason 2: Boost your network

Once you are part of the student board of Stimulus, you will find out about an entire subculture that exists in the student life of Tilburg. While every other student is at home cooking dinner for their roommates, you are joining many other boards at a constitution drink and getting a well-deserved beer. Or you will be joining a online escape room against other boards to test your cooperation skills. Besides all the extra contacts and parties you will discover during the year, you will also meet other representatives of the University. Teachers and other people working for the university can help you in your future work area. Meeting all these new people will expand both your friendly and professional network massively. 

Reason 3: Boost your resume

The great thing about being in a board, is that you are practically your own boss. This means that you will get a lot of practical insights into running an organisation. Because of this, you will gain a lot of skills, from working efficiently in a team to managing projects, networking, time management, task dividing, working with partners, bookkeeping, and much more. You will learn to reflect on these skills, on how you handled certain issues and on how you achieve your goals. This will give you a competitive advantage when starting your career, no matter what TSB field you are in. 

Reason 4: It is an amazing experience 

Whether it’s because of fellow board members, who after a year feel like family, the many skills you learn or the people you get to meet – doing a board year is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience! Some may say that spending a year volunteering seems like a waste of time, but ask anyone who has done a board year, and every single one of them will tell you that it was not only an extremely enriching experience, but also an unforgettable year – possibly the best year of their life. Get ready for your future and build a lifelong friendship with your board.