The chairman of Stimulus is responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere between the board members. Therefore he periodically has feedback meetings regarding the other board members and leads the general meetings to make sure that every department is on track and the organization cooperates internally. The chairman is also the link between the organization and the TSB students. 


Main Responsibilities

Preside meetings Student Party stimulus

Being a spokesman and representative

Maintain a good atmosphere

Control the execution of everyone’s task

Manage mailbox


Qualities (or achievable qualities)

Organizational skills





"I am doing a board year because I want to develop my soft skills and use my voice as a student to improve my faculty.'' - Taylan Mete


As vice chairman I have the most school council related tasks. Only I, as representative of the students, will attend a meeting to determine the definite agenda of the school council. Before this meeting happens, I gather topics which we might want to include. After the agenda meeting there is a preliminary meeting with the teachers to prepare for the school council. My task is to chair this meeting. Furthermore, I coordinate the elections, support the chair of Stimulus and have close contact with the student assessor (representative of the MT) and the chair of the school council (representative of the teachers). Lastly, I am the treasurer this year. This task isn’t necessarily done by the vice chair, but I chose to do it this year.


Main Responsibilities

Attend agenda meeting

Chair preliminary meeting

Contact with student assessor

Take over chair´s duties when he(/she) is absent

Coordinator elections


Qualities (or achievable qualities)

Professional and impartial attitude

Keeping overview




"I believe doing a board year develops you as a person in so many ways. Besides, it is very important to represent all students and provide them opportunities to develop themselves." - Merel van Olphen


As the International Advisory Group Chairman, I lead sessions in which I discuss topics relevant to International Students and how we can improve Tilburg University in terms of Internationalization. My main task here is to gather input from international students across all TSB studies which will be brought to the school council. Furthermore, I attend the SALIS meetings, which is the Student Advisory Board for Library and IT services.  


Main responsibilities

International Advisory Group (coordinator)

SALIS Meetings (Student Advisory Board Library and IT Services) 

Organize drinks twice a year


Qualities (achievable qualities)






"I believe that by being part of the Stimulus Board I can not only grow as a person but also achieve great things for myself and the University." - Maxine Große


My function is being the contact person with the study associations and the education committees. At the start of the academic year I make sure all education committees have enough members and when there are problems with something related to the study I contact them to see if they can discuss this. Problems they hear will be passed on to me as well, so I can take it to the council. I also attend the TSB Platform meetings and the Faculty Forum. With these meetings, you discuss various problems to see what can be done about it and the associations give each other updates about what keeps them busy. For this function it is good to be able to make contact with different people, since you have to do this with this function when you want to speak to different members of the associations and committees. You will meet a lot of people and your social network will grow a lot in a board year.


Main responsibilities

Contact person for education committees

Meeting with education committees once a block

Managing the application process of new student members of the education committees

Contact person for study associations

Attend meetings of TSB Platform




Good in communication



"The reason I wanted to do a part-time board year at Stimulus was to improve my professional and organizational skills, and to develop my networking skills. Furthermore, I wanted to help students by being a part of a fractie that aims to improve the faculty for the students. The board year gives me the opportunity to improve myself while being able to maintain a work-university-life balance." - Ilayda Siner


I handle all social media marketing for our activities on all our channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, the website. My most important responsibility is to keep all TSB students updated about what is happening during the school council meetings. Next to it, I also create and coordinate promotion material for recruitment campaigns and the elections. My board function gives me a lot of freedom in planning the board hours and I can choose my very own way of  designing promotional materials. 


Main Responsibilities

Facebook and Instagram account

Update website

Election campaign

Create content and materials


Qualities (or achievable qualities)



Structured and organized



''I chose to do a part-time board year at Stimulus because it gives me the best opportunity to gain professional work experience while still pursuing my studies and living my student life to the fullest." - Henryetta Paleit


The person with this function is responsible for communication with several organisation on different levels. As member of the University Forum, you talk with all the student parties of the university. In the UF, the parties keep each other updated on the current affairs and discuss common challenges and achievements. Next to those meetings you organize a additional meeting with Active TSB, Front and SAM to discuss affairs concerning TSB in more detail. Last but not least you are responsible for all aspects of the Faculty Forum. Here you will bring all student organizations relevant to TSB together (from IDEA to Education committees to SAM). 


Main responsibilities

Communicate with Sam and Front

Attend (or possibly chair) University Forum

Preside Faculty Forum

Make minutes of board meeting

Prepare questionnaires


Qualities (or achievable qualities)






"I am very excited to listen to different student opinions this board year, to represent them as best as possible in the school council." - Fleur Koops