1. Why did you decide to do a board year at Stimulus

First of all, in the academic year 2016-2017 I was a board member at Versot (study association for Sociology) and my chairman was a part of Stimulus, so I had some insight. For me personally, I saw Stimulus as a good way to move on and to learn more about the possibilities you have as a student. Stimulus in general looked very interesting to me, because I really liked the possibility to actually have a say in policies regarding the TSB faculty! To be able to do this, as a student, I thought was quite remarkable.

2. What was your function within the board and which tasks did you like the most and why?

Well… I’ve had two functions within Stimulus as mentioned before. I was a general board member in the academic year 2017-2018 and the chairman in the academic year 2018-2019. 

In my first year I really enjoyed the meetings with the University Council members, just before our own School Councils. These meetings helped me understand a lot of documents more clearly, which helped me in my further Stimulus career. Also, these meetings in general were very nice to do!
As a chairman I really liked to see my own board members grow. Giving them certain tasks which they ought to struggle with, to also let them grow professionally. And ofcourse the great atmosphere within my board made my time as a chair worthwhile. 

3. What are the most important lessons you learned from your board year at Stimulus (in terms of personal achievements, team performances, and uni related things)

For me personally, one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned is: Hard work and proactivity pays off! Being proactive, and actually also being able to cope with the work that you get, can be SO useful in general. So: don’t just do your job… If you have spare time, help other people, and you will be rewarded!

4. Have you encountered any challenges during your board year, could you tell us why (not) and how you dealt with this?

One of the bigger challenges I dealt with in my first board year was about the harmonization of the TER (Teaching and Examination Regulation). In the University Forum meeting (All School Council and University Council parties), we formulated a couple of ideas which we would like to see in all TERs from every School (harmonized). If this didn’t happen, we were willing to reject the TER presented in our School Council. One problem, the TER in our school (TSB) already had every idea formulated in it. So the dilemma was, do we reject our TER, even though our TER is perfectly fine? After making a lot of phone calls for advice, we decided to approve our TER, since it would seem unfair to the Examination Committee who did a perfectly good job.

5. What are your future plans and what aspects of your board year do you think you can use in the future in both your personal and business life?

Currently I’m the Student Assessor (Advisor) for the Management Team of TSB and I already use a lot of things which I learned during my Stimulus years. For instance, how to lead in certain situations, where a leader is necessary. How to have proper professional meetings and behave accordingly in these meetings. Personally, my years in Stimulus allowed me to acquire a more in-depth view on how a big organization like a university works. Something like this, I think is very valuable to obtain during your studies.

6. What would you say to your younger self who hasn’t started the board year yet?

I know you have doubts! But come on, it looks great right? Believe me… It was great!