the game is inspired by Weerwolves, the personalties are as follows:

  • Corrupt politician (werewolf):Corrupt politicians: wake up at night and decide who gets fired.   
  • Politician (Cilvilian): try to unmask corrupt politicians. 
  • The Guard (peeking girl): At night sees wat corrupt people do, by secretly looking.
  • Gossipper (Seer). Every night he or she can look at one card. 
  • Secretary/(witch) Has the power to one time only get someone fire or to save someone from getting fired. 
  • Formative (Cupid) coalition maker: matches two people together that will get fired together if one gets fired. 
  • Spokesperson (huntsman), if he gets fired he takes someone with him that also gets fired. 



It’s almost election time, politicians are working overtime and are constantly campaigning. The people of Tilburg are weary of this because it is a known fact that corruption is happening. After a long day of campaigning and giving speeches everyone is going to sleep. 

*Everybody closes their eyes.* 

The first person that can’t sleep at night is the formative. He keeps thinking about which parties and party members are going to work together for the next four years. *The formative may now wake up and he/she points at the two parties who should form a coalition. He or she now close their eyes and the two matched politicians may look at each other* He decided and finally he can go to sleep.

The corrupt politcians wake up and take the chance to break into the archive and fake documents. *All corrupt politicians may now open their eyes. They have to choose, which politician’s document they want to fake*. Agree? Disagree?

After faking those documents, the corrupt politicans, leave the building and go home to sleep.

Someone who is also always late at work is the gossipper. During the day she is so busy with gossiping that she hardly gets any work done and now she is also still at work. She decides to get more information on the profiles of the politicians *The gossipper can now wake up and decide which card he or she would like to see* *To avoid suspicion, take more cards away without showing to GG* she also goes home to sleep.

In the first night only the Spokesman can choose which person will get fired if he gets fired(so which person he takes with him). If the victim gets fired before the Spokesman, he can choose another person the next night. *The spokesman may now open his or her eyes and decide*

At dawn, while everyone is still sleeping, the first eager employee to wake up is the secretary. He/she has as before said the power to get someone fired once, but also to save someone from getting fired once. *The secretary may now wake up, does he or she want to use the power to get someone fired, and in the case of yes, who? I will now show who was fired tonight. Does the secretary want to stop this person from being fired?* Okay the secretary may now close his/her eyes. 

*Everyone may now open their eyes* 

*Tell who got fired/ or that no one fired*

*Elect mayor, ask for speeches*

*Decide who should get fired*