Podcast: Stimulate Your Thoughts

Today we are thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our new Student Party Stimulus Podcast: Stimulate Your Thoughts! 


Each episode of Stimulate Your Thoughts will treat you to an in-depth conversation between Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) Students and our very own host (and creator) Naomi de Leng! These will be stories  about the collective student experience. Procrastinating, Socializing, Studying, Being Proactive.  


Stimulate your thoughts creates a safe space in which TSB students share their thoughts and experiences within their studies, and beyond. Notwithstanding their daily challenges and struggles. 


Now put your headphones on and enter the relaxing and open-minded space filled with fruitful discussions, laughter, and honesty. 


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Stimulate Your Thoughts

Episode 1: The Procrastinating Student

Student Archetypes

Come explore the Student Archetypes of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences on Stimulate Your Thoughts.


Together with our guests Patrick and Simone, our host Naomi de Leng explores the Student Archetype of The Procrastinating Student.


On this episode, Simone and Patrick share their experiences with procrastination.

Procrastination is the phenomenon of delaying tasks, pushing them to another time; an infamous phenomenon amongst students.


Join Naomi, Patrick, and Simone to find out why procrastination occurs, and what might help in dealing with it.




Live on Spotify, now.

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School Council Update | 29.09.2022

On September 29th the first faculty council of this academic year took place. The agenda was packed with various interesting topics and discussions. Hereby a short summary of the most relevant decisions and updates for students.

-       The Budget plan 2023-2027 & Annual plan 2023 were discussed. We were informed about the hiring of a certain amount of new assistant professors. This is one of the initiatives of the Management team to help reduce workload for teacher and to reduce the student/staff ratio, leading to a higher quality of education for students.

-       Next on the agenda were the Education plans for this academic year. Several concepts to improve student well-being were discussed. It was announced that an internship relationship officer may be hired in the future as a central person in managing internship opportunities for students. Lastly, the re-design of PASS was once again discussed, and the management team elaborated on the implementation of new master programs being offered at TSB.

-       Another relevant topic of the agenda was the Numerus fixus for the BSc Psychology program. The management team plans on increasing the numerus fixus from 700 to 800 student for the upcoming year. The student council emphasized to keep a sustainable growth in mind in order to maintain a high quality of education and to look out for the housing problems there already are.

School Council update

On December 2nd we had another TSB school council meeting. This time we discussed the strategic plan 2022-2027 for TSB with the Management Team. The school council gave consent on the plan after the meeting, however we asked for certain topics to be clarified in more detail. Among other topics we talked in more detail about:


  • workload for teachers 
  • teaching skills of PhD students
  • Student staff ratio
  • Strive for diversity and inclusion of staff and students
  • digital society

Next to the Strategic Plan it was announced that if students miss the first exam opportunity due to being tested positive, being in quarantine or due to any other COVID-19 related issues, you should register for the second exam opportunity and contact the examination board. After explaining your specific situation that lead to you not being able to attend the first exam, you are allowed to get a third exam opportunity in order to avoid study delay.

Further, the student petition for the opportunity of online examination will be presented to the university council on Monday, December 6th. 

A workgroup for the development of Interdisciplinary Minors and a workgroup for blended learning are in progress, for which the MT is looking for students who want to take part in it.

NEW PROGRAM - Stimulus Student Ambassador

Student Party Stimulus is proud to announce our new program of the Stimulus Student Ambassador. Following the opportunity for international students to get involved in student matters as part of our International Advisory Group, we thought this new program might be the perfect chance also for the Dutch students of all TSB study programs to get the same chance to get involved in student affairs and to work together with Stimulus. 

We are looking for Stimulus Student Ambassadors to help us in our quest of making student voices be heard in the faculty of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences!


Are you: 

- A student in one of the Dutch study programs of TSB?

- Active in your study program, group chats, and student life?

- Do you strive to create change when people are unsatisfied with the way the system is working?

- Do you like voicing your opinion, and making other's voices be heard?

- Are you willing to help promote surveys, questionnaires, and messages to help make uni and your courses better?

- Do you like making new connections? 

- Would you like to improve your CV with an active role in the student body?

- Are you possibly considering wether or not to do a part-time board year next year? 

If you said yes to most, if not all of these statements, you are a perfect fit to be a Stimulus Student Ambassador! 


What do the responsibilities of a Stimulus Student Ambassador look like?

- Attend meetings (3-4 total per year)

- Share surveys from Stimulus

- Actively inform Stimulus about problems that students have

- Actively inform Stimulus about changes that students want 

- Be a list pusher for Stimulus for the 2023-2024 election


If you are interested, please find more information on the available vacancies under the menu VACANCIES - STUDENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. You will also find there the link to the form to send your application before January 1st 2022!!!

Faculty Forum 

There are many organisations within TSB that make sure you have an amazing student life. Some examples are the study associations which organize various activities; the ECs that review your bachelor program; the student parties who present you in different councils and work on institutional problems. Next to that there is the umbrella organization IDEA that focuses on specific activities such as the Social Career event Tilburg. We, student party Stimulus, are staying in contact with all of these organizations to keep you updated on all developments and to make sure everyone's voice is heard in the student council.


Last year's board had the idea to combine all those separate meetings in one single meeting in order to encourage the information exchange between the different organizations even further. The initiative was drawn up and since the summer 2020 we are very happy to host 15 representatives in the Faculty Forum. We hope this will lead to an even better representation, new initiatives and a quick and efficient exchange of information in the future!

Manual for International Students

The International Advisory Group (IAG) was set up by Stimulus to gain a better understanding of how international students feel within TSB and what can be done to improve their student life at Tilburg University. The IAG publishes a yearly manual for new international students with helpful information about housing, studying and living in the Netherlands.



To make sure that there won't be any doubts about what our board members are doing, we came up with something fun! From now on our IG will be taken over by one of our board members for one day each month. This way you, as follower, can get a sneak peek of what we do and of course get to know us and our tasks even better!


Starting on September 27 you can follow our board member Maxine for one day! The next take-overs are to announce.


Make sure you follow us on Instagram! @studentpartystimulus



Do you want to polish up your CV? You want to gain experience with working at the uni? 

Then becoming a program committee member is exactly what you are looking for!

At the moment there are vacancies within the education committees of:

- Sociology: master and first year student

- HRS/ Personeelwetenschappen: first year student

- Psychology: master student (medical or work and organization)

- Organizational Studies: master and first year student



The International Advisory Group is looking for new members to represent international students within TSB. 

Do you want to represent your fellow international students, meet students from other programs and gain experience in holding meetings? Then this job is just for you!

Interview former board member- Life after Stimulus

To show you what a board year at Stimulus means, we have already introduced you to Youri. To get an even better idea of the advantages and the lessons the student party has, we have found another former board member willing to share her experiences with us. For this a round of applause for Marie Linke! Click the link and read all about Maries experiences as first international member of Student Party Stimulus!


Interview former board member - Life after Stimulus

After almost half a year following us as a new board on social media, you might get a bit tired of seeing the same faces over and over again. Surprise! We have another familiar face for you! No matter how unbelievable it sounds, there's life after Stimulus and Youri Spapens, was willing to tell us all about it! Youri has been with Stimulus for no less than 2 years and is therefore a seasoned expert in the field of the Studentparty. In his first year he was responsible for the contact with the university council and a year later he used this knowledge for a year as chairman! Curious? Read about Youri's experiences in the board!🤩