Faculty form 

There are many organisations within TSB that make sure you have an amazing student life. Some examples: study associations organize activities; OC/EC review your bachelor program; and student parties who present you in different councils and work on institutional problems. Next to that there are umbrella organizations such as IDEA and organizations that focus on a specific activity such as Social Career event Tilburg. We, Student party Stimulus, want to stay in contact with all of these organisation to stay updated on all developments and make sure everyone is heard at the student council.


Last year the board had the idea that a lot of meetings could be combined into one and that this would also encourage information exchange between the different organisations. The initiative was drawn up and perfected over the summer holidays. A few weeks ago invitations were sent and all responded positively. The first meeting is going to take place on September 29th. We are very happy to host the 15 representatives, which is more than we expected. We hope this we lead to an even better representation, new initiatives and a quick and efficient exchange of information! So first target, launching this Faculty Forum TSB, more than achieved!

Manual for internationals

The international advisory group (IAG) was set up by Stimulus to gain a better understanding of how international students feel within TSB. The IAG created a manual for new international students with helpful information about housing, studying and living in the Netherlands. View the page for more information here

Election convenant

This year, all student parties have again concluded an election covenant. You can find agreements in this covenant so that the elections are as pleasant as possible for everyone. you can find the whole convenant below.

If you notice a possible violation of this covenant you can contact the disputes committee by sending an email to

2020 Elections 

🤩We are beyond proud to introduce you to our candidate list for the 2020 elections!🤩
These TSB students are all ready to represent you next academic year to ensure that TSB remains a place where you can study, grow and enjoy student time with quality education and a great atmosphere. Can they count on your vote 21-22-23 April?


Check out our social media for the vision of out candidates!

Front joining the Faculty council elections

In response to the participation of Student Party Front in our Faculty Council elections, we have drawn up an open letter in collaboration with all other student parties. In this we speak out against the plans of Front. In short we want to state that we as Stimulus are not against other parties joining the Faculty council elections as long as this improves the quality of education and atmosphere in the Faculties.

Interview former board member- life after Stimulus

To show you what a board year at Stimulus means, we have already introduced you to Youri. To get an even better idea of the advantages and the lessons the student party has, we have found another former board member willing to share her experiences with us. For this a round of applause for Marie Linke! Click the link and read all about Maries experiences as first international member of Student Party Stimulus!


school council update

here is an update of what’s been negotiated in the School Council of February. We started with a much discussed topic; video lectures. The Management Team is open to see what can be done about the fact that teachers do not want to give video lectures. A much-heard argument from instructors is that they are afraid that 'fewer students will come to the lecture'. However, this argument cannot be upheld and should therefore not be a reason for refusing video lectures. This subject will be discussed further in March.

In addition, the annual planning for academic year 20/21 has also been discussed. Stimulus has indicated to replace the two examination weeks in block 3 by 1 week. The time freed up can then serve as a 'study trip' moment for study associations and as a holiday for students who do not participate. In addition, it was suggested that the retake exams in block 1 should only be placed after the Christmas holidays instead of both before and after Christmas. This will give international students the opportunity to go home and celebrate Christmas with loved ones. The management team has indicated to consider the proposals and look at the possibilities.

Interview former board member - Life after Stimulus

After almost half a year following us as a new board on social media, you might get a bit tired of seeing the same faces over and over again. Surprise! We have another familiar face for you! No matter how unbelievable it sounds, there's life after Stimulus and Youri Spapens, was willing to tell us all about it! Youri has been with Stimulus for no less than 2 years and is therefore a seasoned expert in the field of the Studentparty. In his first year he was responsible for the contact with the university council and a year later he used this knowledge for a year as chairman! Curious? Read about Youri's experiences in the board!🤩




Taste the atmosphere during the corruption game

The corruption game at Night University



Politics are almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war, you can only be killed once. But in politics many times.”Winston Churchill


Want to find out if Churchill was right? Student parties Dante and Stimulus have joined forces and challenge you to test how 'temptation proof' you are! 


Are you good at games? Do you consider yourself someone who is not sensitive to temptation? Prove it!

In our self-made game, inspired by the famous ‘Weerwolves’ you will be tempted with all sorts of political issues. We dare you to consider the situation from the perspective of the enemy, or you can be the savior that forms the coalition that will redeem the people of Tilburg from the grasp of corrupt politicians. Are you strong enough to resist the temptation? And will you save our beloved Tilburgse Kermis and Carnaval in Kruikenstad from being ruined by badguys?

Come join us during Night University on October 3rd between 18:30 pm and 21:30 pm in Dz006 during one of our games. Not feeling comfortable with speaking English in public? Good news for you! We have Dutch as well as English games ready to lure you into their tempting trap!


See you there!

Wanna be fully ready for the game? Click on the link in the heading and read the script! 










To make sure that there won't be any doubt about what our board members are doing, we came up with something fun! From now on our instagram page will be taken over by one of our board members for one day each month. In this way you, as follower, can get a sneak peek of what we do and of course get to know us and our tasks even better!


The first take over will take place on the 16th of September. The next ones are to announce.


Make sure you follow us on Instagram @studentpartystimulus


Since P-building will no longer be used as we know it, Stimulus had to look for another home as well... From Monday 9 September onwards you can no longer find us in P212 but you will have to climb the stairs (or of course you grab the elevator, we understand that too!) since we found ourselves another great spot on campus; Tias-building room T610 will be our new office! If you don't want to meet us in person, you can always contact us via our e-mail, facebook and instagram. These are 24/7 available for you and won't get you exhausted, you can thank us later :) !






Do you want to polish up your CV? You want to gain experience working at uni? 

Then becoming a program committee member is exactly what you are looking for!

At the moment there are vacancies within the education committees of:

- Sociology: master and first year student

- HRS/ Personeelwetenschappen: first year student

- Psychology: master student (medical or work and organization

- Organizational Studies: master and first year student





The International Advisory Group is looking for new members to represent international students within TSB. Do you want to represent your fellow Sociology or Psychology students, meet students from other programs and gain experience in holding meetings? Then this job will fit you like a glove!